Got trading on the brain?
Take it to the next level
being a Lead Trader.
Most traders don’t just live in the market, they think about the market all the time. You now have a unique opportunity; the chance to let others who don’t have the time or expertise to trade to be part of the actual trades you're making. You can charge them if you choose. What’s more is it doesn't affect how you trade at all.
It's easy to get started and still trade the way you always have.

Open an account
It takes just minutes
to create a Ditto Trade account here
Create a service
You can set it up so
anyone can follow you, or just people you know.
Charge fees if you like
You have the option to charge fees for following you. And you keep 100% of any
fees you charge.
List on Ditto Place
Having your service on Ditto Place makes it incredibly easy for people to find you.
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Choose a platform that fits how you trade.

DT2 powered by MotiveWave is a downloadable platform that offers traders the ultimate in flexibility and customization to provide a personalized environment for every trader out there. DT² makes it easy to place/adjust orders and manage all those orders directly from the console. Since DT² has advanced state-of-the-art integrated trading and order management there is a lot of functionality built in. Learn More. Take the tour. Watch Videos.

Make your service easy to find. List it here on Ditto Place.
Once you’ve created your service, you can list it on Ditto Place, our trading service directory. Potential Followers can then input their investing preferences to make services like yours, that match their styles and goals, easy to find.
Be a Lead Trader for your family or friends.
Are you the one that family members or friends always ask about the market and what positions you're holding? Now you can let those close to you take part in your actual trades by becoming a Lead Trader. Become a Lead Trader
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