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All the tools you need to tap
the power of social investing

Use what other experienced investors are doing.
Take part in their trades. Match their portfolios.
See where they're investing.
Now you can invest whether you have the time to follow the market or not.
4 Ways to Access and Leverage Others' Expertise

Ditto The Same Trades
of a Trader You Pick
Take part in the actual
trades professionals or people
you know are making
Sync To Another
Investor's Portfolio
Instantly match all the
positions held in another's
portfolio, commission-free
Mine the Collective Ideas
of Investment Groups
Chat and share ideas.
Get actionable trade alerts
and reduced commissions
Grab Pre-Built
Baskets of Stocks
With one click, invest in a
weighted slice of the market
based on a theme or sector

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Ditto Trade.
Make the same trades.
The same time.
At the same price as
a trader you pick.
Pick a trader or service who fits your style and goals. Choose from Day Traders, Swing Traders, Trading Services, Money Managers, RIA's or Newsletters. You can even invite a friend or family member to follow. Trade the same stocks and options as they do. Take control of a trade at any time or choose to get their trade alerts.

If you have a trading service or would like let people follow your trades click here
DittoSync. Instantly purchase the same portfolio as another investor
Now, you can duplicate (on percent by percent basis) all the same stocks and options currently in another investor's exisiting portfolio even though the trades have already been made. You can then take part in all subsequent trades plus you always have the ability to take control of any position with the click of a button. Learn more.
Investment Groups. Grab and use others' ideas as they happen
MarketSlices. Buy a weighted portfolio of securities,
commission-free, built around a particular theme, sector or idea.

With MarketSlices, there are numerous pre-designed portfolios that you can choose from. Everything from classic model based themes to portfolios created to take advantage of current event. You don't pay any commissions with the initail purchase of a us to 30 securities in a pre-designed portfolio. Plus, you have complete control to customize or rebalance at any time. Learn More.

A small sampling of the range of MarketSlices to come

What's better than low commissions?   How about super customer service?
All stock trades are just $6.95.
Option trades just $6.95 plus $0.75 per contract with Investment Groups and MarketSlices your commissions can be even lower!
Ditto Trade's customer service is the stuff of legends. We go the extra mile for our customers. It's how we have always done business and people find it's super, man.

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