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Don’t have time to follow the market?
Make the same trades as someone who does.

Leverage the trading expertise of others by connecting to their actual trades. Make the same trades automatically or get their trade alerts. Participating in the market easy whether you have the time to follow it or not.
Ditto others’ trades
Take part in
the actual trades
others are making
Match their results
Make the same trades,
at the same time
and same price
Take control anytime
Take control of
a trade at any time
if you choose
Choose Trades or Alerts
Make the same trades
automatically or
get their trade alerts

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How Ditto Trade Works
When someone you’re attached to, like a Lead Trader, initiates a trade, Ditto’s technology instantly checks for followers that are on Ditto All. It then calculates the number of shares for each follower based on their settings and confirms buying power. The total number of shares is then sent to the exchange which sends the purchased shares back to Ditto Trade to be allocated to each account.
At this point, followers can let the Lead Trader continue to control the trade or take control themselves and sell immediately or hold it to sell at a later time. This opens up trading to everyone.
One of the unique features of Ditto Trade’s technology is that you can attach yourself to any other customer (with their permission, of course) and receive an actionable trade alert every time they make a trade. As we show here on our mobile app, once you receive a trade, you have a choice of ignoring the alert, modifying it before making a trade or trading immediately off the alert. You can predetermine with your settings how the trade will be handled.


Choose from Day Traders, Swing Traders, Trading Services, money managers, newsletters or invite a friend or family member who has a knack for trading. Choose one who fits your style and goals. Trade the same stocks and options as they do or get their trade alerts.


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If knowledge is power, this dashboard is off the charts
The Dashboard gives someone following a Lead Trader an easy to use interface offering complete transparency with
everything their Lead Trader is doing. It also allows control to manage their risk and even take control of a trade at
anytime where they can either sell it immediately or hold it and sell it at a time of their choosing.
Ditto Trade Dashboard
Never miss a trade. Never miss a thing.
Get notified whenever your Lead Trader makes a trade. If you're not full throttle you’ll instantly receive alerts on any trades being made and can act upon them with the click of a button.
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