For a lot of companies, it seems that their entrepreneurs and even freelancers are also working in the cryptocurrency industry. Accounting is a super important part of their daily activities and now a number of platforms are offering services that are completely tailored to meet their needs. This includes those who want to invoice other people with cryptocurrency as well.

Coins with Benefits

Businesses and even professionals can accept digital coins and they can also enjoy a huge range of benefits too. This includes low transaction fees and zero chargebacks and even fast payments. Crypto finances have their own specific services and they have also developed their capabilities as well. There are now so many online platforms that are specialized in providing those with the services that they need, and they also help them to create their own invoices too. Gilded is just one of those many platforms and it gives people the chance to charge those who choose to pay with cryptocurrency. It also gives businesses the chance to receive any payments instantly and it also means that they are not going to get any high fees at all. Of course, if you want to try and take advantage of this service then you need to sign up and you also need to get some basic information about your company too. You then need to choose the fiat currency and then add any public addresses for the currency that you plan on accepting. This can be done underneath the “Add your Wallets” If you want to create an invoice then you need to click on the option to request a payment. You then need to add a new contact for every business partner. If you want to fill out the invoice details, then you need to go to payment method and then click on the option to add a QR Code or even an address. You can then choose a currency underneath and there you will find one of the four major ones. You have the AU Dollar, CA Dollar, Euro and US Dollar. Items that are on an invoice will be listed and then converted to the chosen currency. The best thing about Gilded is that it supports four different coins. This can include Litecoin, Bitcoin, ETH and even DAI. When the invoice happens to be sent, it’s important to know that both sides will get a notification and the sender will be notified when the payment is made too.

Anypay is a point of sale payment system and this can be used to generate invoices free of charge. The best thing about this is that it supports Bitcoin cash and it also supports tons of other currencies too. It supports Bitcoin too. If you want to create an invoice, then you need to try and setup an account. You can only do this if you have an email address. This can then enable a cryptocurrency option and they also provide a public address too. An AnyPay invoice contains the due amount in a currency and you will also have a QR code and then a receiving address.

One useful feature for Bitcoin cash is the chance to pay all of their invoice with a simple text message. This is more than possible thanks to the integration of CoinText. This platform gives Bitcoin enthusiasts the chance to pay all of their invoices with a simple text message. It also gives users the chance to send SMS and BCH. They can even receive Bitcoin payments to their very own Cointext wallet too. This means that payments can be made anywhere, and it also means that they can get a code which can be used to make payments too. The benefit of doing this is that you can do it without using the internet at all.

Blockonomics is a platform which gives you the chance to create a peer to peer invoice system. The system will employ encryption technology and this will prevent third parties from incepting or even reading accounting documents. It also supports Bitcoin and a number of other fiat currencies.

If you want to create a simple invoice then you don’t actually need to have an invoice or even an account. You just need to have a valid BTC address from your own wallet. You need to go onto the BTC account and you need to go onto Pay CTC invoice. From there, you can then add a description and you can also input a ton of fiat currencies. The best thing about this is that you can also set the number of days that you want the invoice to carry on for before it actually expires. You can also copy a link, and this will give you the chance to send whatever you want to the client.

CD Pay is a currency gateway and this gives you the chance to create your own crypto invoices. You can do this in several steps. Of course, it’s important to know that registered users can do this under the invoices tab and that when you do this, you can set up the amount in your local currency. This will then give you the chance to choose a huge range of fiat options. This includes EUR, CAD, AUD and even JPY.

The invoice is then saved as a PDF and it contains the data which can then be sent to customers in an email. When they open the file, they can then read about the expiry date and even the sender. CD Pay will then generate the codes for the payment and then their clients will be able to see all of the information they need.

A platform known as Coinpayments has a section which then offers registered users the chance to create their own invoices. This feature is found under Merchant Tools on the site and it gives businesses the chance to offer a range of Fiat currencies. They can then choose to request a payment and they can also chat with their customers. The invoice template features holds a range of features and it also lets you number the invoice. Another bonus of this is that you can also add the shipping amount and then the cost too, which is super great.



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