You really won’t surprise anyone by investing in ETH or even Bitcoin. They are really some of the most popular coins out there and when you look at the amount of profitability they have to offer, you may even find that you won’t get thousands of percentages. In this case, it is fairly reasonable to assume that they are a safe bet. If you don’t want to spend thousands however, then here are some of the top penny cryptocurrencies that you should be investing in, right now. A lot of investors only consider Bitcoin and this is great, but you do have to remember that liquidity is not comparable with some of the other currencies out there. That being said, this is probably the only advantage that it has to offer. At the moment there are over a dozen counterparts out there that have a very high level of volatility and the chance to buy and sell them has happened pretty quickly. These currencies have one advantage over that of Bitcoin and the main one is that they are way cheaper. They also have huge growth prospects and if you want to profit from them then this is very easy to do.


Digibyte is a decentralised payment centre. It is based on 5 different algorithms and this is a  very unique development. This helps to make Digibyte one of the fastest growing digital projects out there. Another bonus is that it is also one of the safest. The fact that it is based on a ton of different algorithms makes it very profitable. So let’s look at some of the many benefits that it has to offer. The first one is that it has a completely decentralised network. The DGB network is actually distributed worldwide. This is done over 100,000 servers and you also have this on other devices too. It is however worth noting that each and every device is connected to the network and this ultimately means that it becomes one of the nodes. It also has a level of maximum protection. The DGB network operates on 5 separate algorithms and this makes it so that it is impossible to hack. The fast transactions mean that DGB blocks are actually created every 15 or so seconds. Transfers in the network are crazy fast too. The DGB network alone is 40 times more powerful than the standard Bitcoin blockchain. Of course, it should be noted that there are in fact a limited amount of coins. 21 billion coins are going to be issued and a lot of people believe that these are not going to be mined until the year 2035. DGB currencies are proving to be one of the most promising investments at the moment and it has also been supported by a ton of other currencies too. This means that it can be easily added to your list of trades. DGB ca really be trusted and it is very easy for people to be putting their own money into it. Therefore, if you have a solid amount of financial resources available then you can feel free to add this asset to your investment portfolio. In the long-run, DGB really does have every chance to increase its value by a significant amount and this really should be taken into consideration given the state of the current market.


When you look at the basis of Bitshares, you will soon see that it is an independent company. It does however have a decentralised structure and network. As a result of this, it brings a lot of reward to the investors. It does turn out that the more that the general system develops, the easier it becomes to make a profit. This means that it really is one of the cheapest investment tools out there. Of course, dozens of ICOs have been scheduled for some kind of release and it has all been based on Bitshares too. Of course, it is important to know that not everyone is going to succeed at this, but some degree of it will become noticeable. The platform is somewhat multifunctional and it does represent an entire ecosystem too. It is an exchange kit and it is also a tool for developers as well. As if that wasn’t enough, it also works as a bank which is absolutely fantastic.


MIOTA is based on the technology that comes from Tangle. This helps to provide people with a much higher interest rate for the transactions that they make and this is especially the case when you look at the high rate of transactions that they make. The uniqueness of this actually lies in the amount of users that they have. This currency, known as IOTA was created as part of another project, based on the IOT. One interesting thing about this is that it involves leading brands in the field and this happens to include Samsung, IBM and even Microsoft too. The fact that such companies even paid attention to this really does speak volumes about the prospect and it also shows it moving in a completely new direction. It is however unlikely that the giants of the world are going to waste their time and money on something that is not worth it. A lot of analysts are entirely confident that half of the devices are going to be connected to the IOT by the year 2020 and IOTA really does have every chance of eventually becoming a cryptocurrency that is completely internalised. When you look at the benefits, you will see that they allow for small transactions and they don’t have any technical problems either. Any transfers that are made within the system are going to proceed without any kind of additional cost.


Now this is an interesting one. Stellar is going to be big in the coming years. It is actually the internal currency of the network and it was originally known as being just Stellar. It then became known as Stellar Lumens and the split from Ripple was not smooth to say the least. This did not however prevent the company from achieving what would then become their corporation with IBM. This happened in the year 2017. The rules of the system are that the privileged network and even the members have been abolished. The non-profit and even the non-equity development funds have been created by the team but it is important to know that they are responsible for making sure that the source code stays open. The team have really committed to making sure that the emission of 100 billion coins stays that way and Ripple did that as well. There are however two indicators. They have a 1% inflation every year and they also have 5% in operating expenses. It is also important to know that 25% of coins are going to be going to the non-profit organisations that they support. Now, the network does have a restriction that shows that no single holder of XLM has the ability to sell their coins for 5 years. This means that the team have been able to generate a huge amount of credibility from their users and the people who they work with.

In general, it is worth noting that the system for Stellar has a brilliant future. It lso has absolutely fantastic prospects too. It has some very good responses from the beginning of the existence and then in 2018, it was recognised as being one of the fastest growing currency projects in the ICO. The platform took the second place when you look at the number of ICOs that it is able to hold and the base after ETH.

Civic (CVC)

Civic really wants to be a decentralised network. It wants to handle identity cards, in which users will pay a small fee in order to access the services of certifiers. There is no absolute certainty that the system will work and this is because it is more than possible to deceive and even forge certificates. That being said, this is more than possible from all sides and something may be possible here. The project has attracted a ton of attention and this is especially the case when it started distributing free beer with an automatic age system. Sure, it was a marketing gimmick but when you look at things from the flip side, you will soon see that there were a huge range of transaction costs that were not necessary at all. It’s important to know that Civic really does have a huge list of partners, and that it is a prime contender to say the least.



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