Wednesday, May 8, 2019
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Home Market Structure

Market Structure

Become a better trader through reading and understanding these articles which cover the topic of the core and structure of the market itself.

Stock Indices and Index Exchange-Traded Funds

Stock Indices The health of the stock market has always been thought to be a leading indicator of the economic cycle, the consensus saying that...

The Financial Markets - Stocks

Stocks Stocks together with Bonds are Capital Markets, both provide financing to companies. The distribution of shares among thousands of participants provides the main financing capital for...

The World’s Financial Markets - A brief Introduction

A brief history of the Global Markets Markets are the natural result of human activities and the economy. We have created them as a natural...

The trading industry

Trade and Money Trade is with us since the early stages of the homo sapiens. Hunters about 25 thousand years ago traded their extra hunted...

Orders and their Properties

An order execution at the market may seem simple; in fact, you can limit yourself to just selecting between to buy or sell. However,...