On Tuesday, the yellow metal gold standstill in the absence of high impact economic events. Gold trading at $1,274, likely headed to the next support level of $1,240 in the upcoming weeks. There seems to be a problem, as the sellers have remained in power throughout.

Most of the technical indicators are suggesting a strong bearish bias of investors. Such as:

The 20, 25 and 50 periods moving averages are pushing gold lower while providing resistance at 1,288 an 1,280. If gold fails to get back over $1,280 in the next day or two, there is a high possibility of another big push down.

The heavy hands are the sellers, and till gold can close and stay over $1,300, it’s highly likely to continue trading the bearish trend.

Support and Resistance
R3: 1287.54
R2: 1282.2
R1: 1279.97
Key Trading Level: 1276.86
S1: 1274.63
S2: 1271.52
S3: 1266.18

Keep a close eye on 1,275 as the precious metal gold can stay bearish below and bullish above this level. On the lower side, gold may target 1,266. All the best!


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