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Our style of trading is best described as a METHOD as opposed to a SYSTEM. It allows us to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics in the marketplace where a system can become obsolete at the blink of an eye. After about an hour of pre-market homework we try to spend the first 30 minutes of each open focusing on a sector watch list, stock watch list, and volume alerts to get a good feel of where the money is flowing. We use a few technical indicators (volume, moving averages, and stochastic). We search the landscape for setups and momentum (day trades and swing trades) constantly marrying up the intraday and daily charts. Volume is by far is the number 1 indicator. Unlike people and fundamentals, volume never lies.

Since the influx of HFT (High Frequency Trading), it has even become even more important to seek out stocks where there are genuine buyers or sellers. Volume accompanied by price action helps us determine where to focus our efforts. Additionally, we often scale in and out of positions to help gauge the price action and help with timing the proper entries.

At TodayTrader, we also run nightly scans on a universe of stocks to help us find setups for both day and swing trades for the next day. We use volume and technical filters to develop a stock watch list of both long and short plays. It’s not a “game plan” but another tool used in our method. Go to and sign up for this FREE daily watch list.


Andy Lindloff and Steve Gomez are the co-founders of Today Trader, and have been featured by CNBC and The New York Times.

Andy Lindloff is a professional trader and mentor with 12 years of experience actively and successfully day trading and swing trading stocks. Specializing in momentum trading using technical analysis, Andy has taken his expertise international. He was contracted by Asian American Association (proprietary day trading firm) as a mentor and travelled to China periodically to help other traders learn day trading techniques to become profitable.

A graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Andy is a husband and father of one. After a successful career in the automobile business and a sales representative position at Edward Jones where he received his Series 7 license, Andy left to pursue his passion for trading stocks. He began trading in 1998 fulltime on a retail trading floor and after several months of self-teaching and hard work Andy’s efforts paid off earning him a comfortable living and 10 consecutive years of profitability. In July 2007 Andy began working with a team of 20 traders in China. He spent one year with his team and they never had a losing month.

Andy’s accomplishments as a day trader/swing trader/mentor and his desire to teach others led him to team up with long-time trading partner Steve Gomez and in 2008 co-founded TodayTrader Inc. to help other traders achieve success.

Steve Gomez is a professional trader and mentor who lives in San Diego with his wife and 2 daughters. He graduated the University of Southern California with a BA in Communications and Social Sciences. Steve began trading commodities back in 1994. He moved to stocks in 1998 full-time. In 2007 Steve traveled to China a few times to assist Andy Lindloff with his contract for mentoring a group of proprietary traders in Shen Yang, China.

While in China the desktop sharing idea was a key tool for us to stay in touch. When that contract was over, Andy and Steve founded in May 2008 and began inviting people to come watch live trading via desktop sharing. Steve Gomez has spoken at the Los Angeles Trading Expo and regularly writes for Stock, Futures, and Options magazine. Together, Andy and Steve collaborate to make trading decisions in the DittoTrade Master Trader account.

Continuing education is a main focus in our subscription service.

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