The Master Trader Program gives people who don’t have the time to follow the market the ability to actively trade. It allows you to participate in the actual trades of experienced traders.

It is also a great way to learn the art of trading from experienced traders. This will let you be more comfortable with the concept of "trading" in general, and become familiar with some of the different trading strategies.

Once you open a Master Trader account, you can choose a Master Trader whose style fits yours.
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The Dashboard gives you transparency and control

The Master Trader’s activities are displayed on the proprietary Ditto Trade Dashboard. This interface allows you to not only follow a Master Trader but also manage trades and preferences.


In the upper right of the Ditto Trade Dashboard, the Master Trader will post his potential trades in the Watch List. By clicking a stock symbol in the Watch List, you will be able to see the actual analysis the Master Trader used in making his selection.

Next, you’ll set your risk management parameters including targets for profits and limits on losses. The Ditto Trade Dashboard allows you to set up a maximum risk per trade and per day so you can set it at a level that you are comfortable. These parameters can be changed daily.

You then have the choice of participating in all of a Master Trader’s trades, or if you’d rather not be "Full Throttle", you can selectively choose just the trades you want to participate in from the Watch List.

Be part of the actual trades as they happen

In real-time, you can be a part of the actual trades being made by your Master Trader. You’ll share their entry point, target and stop loss. You have the option of detaching any trade from the Master Trader and selling it at a time of your choosing. You also have the option of instantly selling at market.


Very soon you can also elect to receive real-time alerts from the Master Trader via chat, email, or our own Mobile App. That way, even if you’re away from the Ditto Trade Dashboard you have the option to participate.

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Learn from experienced traders

Once the trading day is through, the Master Trader will post his commentary and analysis about the day’s trades. This is your opportunity to ask questions of the Master Trader in order to better understand the reasons for making certain trades, as well as the process involved in the trade management.


The “R” in the above example represents both a fixed risk and reward factor, chosen by an individual trader. Example: an “R” factor or $50.00 would represent either a loss of $200.00 (-4R), or a profit of $100 (+2R). 0.00 (-4R), or a profit of $100 (+2R).

This combination of real-time trade visibility and post trade analysis via the Master Trader blogs, will allow you to attain a better understanding of the strategy of trading.

As you become more familiar with various trading techniques you will be able to develop your skills, and incorporate what you’ve learned into your own trading style.

By offering control, flexibility, transparency and expertise, the Master Trader program provides traders at every level something they can benefit from.

How the Master Trader Program works

Master Trader Program FAQ's

Mirror trades of other traders as well

With our Friends, Family and Followers Program you can mirror the trades of someone you know. It may be your uncle or someone you’ve known over the years with a knack for trading.


Using the Ditto Trade Dashboard you can mirror their trades just like you would with a Master Trader. Since it utilizes the same technology you can manage your risk, disconnect trades at any time and trade on your own as well.

Or if you, yourself, are an active trader, our proprietary technology will allow you to trade for people who want to follow you.

See how Friends, Family and Followers works

  • Ditto a Master Trader’s trades to any degree automatically
  • Disconnect a trade at any time
  • Access risk management tools
  • Trade on your own if you prefer
  • Learn from experienced traders
  • Choose a Master Trader whose style fits yours
  • Chat with your Master Trader