Day Trade and Keep
Your Day Job

A new online brokerage firm, Ditto
Trade, lets you mimic the trades of
professionals–and get the same
prices they do.

Theresa W. Carey
Barron’s Magazine May 2011
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A new online broker is opening with an interesting twist. Aside from the usual online features, DittoTrade lets you buy and sell right alongside an experienced trader.

DittoTrade's CEO, Joseph Fox, has prior experience operating an online brokerage firm—he was a founder of Web Street Securities, which was a top-rated broker in Barron's annual ranking back in the late 1990s and was acquired by E*Trade (ticker: ETFC) in 2001.

...Fox says the idea is to let average investors, who usually have better things to do than stare at a computer screen, benefit from the skills of people who are in the market every day....

San Diego-based Andy Lindloff of is one of the existing master traders...Lindloff, a discretionary trader eschewing algorithms, and Gomez have posted a 28.5% gain over the past six months on DittoTrade, at He says he enjoys working as a DittoTrade Master Trader: "I think it's a great idea if you find someone—maybe me, maybe your cousin—who is keeping an eye on your stocks and protecting you in the market. If you don't have time, find somebody who is watching the market full-time."

...Some Barron's readers may be wondering how they can become master traders. Fox says his brokerage is actively seeking more masters, and also is looking for those with international trading expertise. You can reach him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . looks like a good idea worth further exploration and development. It would be worth considering if you're a portfolio manager placing trades for your customers, or if you're managing family accounts. Read Full Story

Social media shapes
new investment strategy

Matt Krantz
USA TODAY December 14, 2010
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You'll let a friend walk your dog, drive your car or watch your teenager. Would you let them — or someone you don't even know — invest your money? That's the idea behind "mirrored investing," an invention that could be one of the most dramatic experiments in the world of online investing since the ability to place trades over the Internet shook up the brokerage industry more than a decade ago.

...It's such a new development that statistics on popularity aren't available yet. But the trend's supporters expect it to catch on.

...This "goes beyond sharing. This is attaching," says Joseph Fox, CEO of Ditto Trade, a brokerage firm created a month ago to offer mirrored investing. "You can now connect to investors who have been successful and put jumper cables on their trades. Read Full Story

Securities Trading Meets
Social Networking

Zack O'Malley Greenburg
Forbes Magazine November 2010
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"...Services like Covestor and Wealthfront have for years enabled users to mirror the moves of top traders for a fee, but they relied on outsiders to host actual client accounts. Enter Ditto Trade, which is a registered broker-dealer in all 50 states and in October jumped on the socialized investing bandwagon by enabling customers to piggyback on one another's trades in real time.

"We don't want you to become a day trader," says Joseph Fox, Ditto's 44-year-old chief executive, whose previous ventures included online brokerage Web Street... "We want you to leverage day traders."

David Cohen, 46, of Lake Forest, Calif. is a Ditto devotee. "You can read something, and by the time you get to your computer . . . you've already missed half the boat," he says of less plugged-in services…"