Whether you have a blog, a following on some financial network or family and friends who appreciate your ability to trade, you can make it so that people can take part in the trades that you’re making for yourself. The Ditto Dashboard is proprietary technology that not only allows others to follow your trades but actually participate in the actual trades themselves. Allowing people to follow you is not only easy to do but it could provide another source of income from your trading.

You can generate additional revenue from your trading

When you use the Dashboard to trade and allow others to be a part of your trades, you have the option of charging a fee for that access.

Set your own fees and keep 100% of the proceeds

Should you decide to set a fee you keep 100% of that fee. Ditto Trade does not take a portion of any fees you charge.

Connect to followers from anywhere on the web

You don’t have to change from where you are on the web.
Leveraging your current presence is a great way to attract followers.

Lead Trader FAQ's

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