The dollar index on Friday was lower than ever. Investor’s appetite for the safe-haven currencies meant that US inflation data came in much weaker than expected. It also added to the fact that the currency’s own economy is losing a lot of momentum. So many currencies are on the defensive at the moment, and the dollar had this week on a deadline in terms of the bench treasury yields. It was also at a 15-month roll as well. That being said, the buck has been pulled back much lower on Friday and this happened when twin-forces of very weak data put a ton of risk on the global move.


The US consumer spending report came back way less than expected and it also muted price pressures as well. There are also a ton of reports that show that income has risen modestly and that consumer spending actually accounts for more than two-thirds of the economic activity for Americans. Growth is now much slower and inflation is most certainly happening. The data on Friday has bolstered the case and it is also ending the three-year monetary as well. This tightens up the campaign and it also makes it much more difficult for them to gain a foothold in the industry. A lot of people have bolstered the FED’s case even without knowing all of the facts, but in spite of having the data, investors on Friday have opted for riskier assets. This includes stocks. This is especially the case when you eliminate other currencies such as the dollar. Of course, if you are interested in finding out more about this then it is a good idea for you to look into things such as the Swiss franc.

It’s actually quarter-end today and people are really gearing up for this. This has been happening for months and investors have come into it fearing that a meltdown is going to happen for both the dollar and the yen. The dollar is 0.18% stronger when compared and it’s a known fact that the Euro is now at its worst since October and that it has also been weighed down by a lot of fears about signals and even economic growth as well. Policymakers have been cut out of the growth forecast and this is especially the case when you look at the Euro economy. They have also launched a new round of cheap bank loans as well.

The surveys from Germany and even the signals from the ECB really have pushed hedge funds to try and reduce the euro position. The Euro is higher at $1.123 but that being said, they are still down by well over 1.2%. Sterling is up much more than usual and this all happened when the UK voted to withdraw Britain from the EU. It does not appear that May has all of the votes required to try and prepare for the proceedings. Of course, the Brexit deal has been defeated twice now and this means that the market has reduced in price. Anderson has stated that this could have a huge impact on the economy.





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