Dan Larimer is very outspoken. This is often at the expense of tactfulness. He is the founder of EOS and he is also the co-founder of a site called Steem. This lambasts currencies that are not their own. Of course, it has been previously reported by IIB that Larimer has chosen to criticize ETH, ADA and LTC. He did this in the same telegram chat and he has also hinted that there is a big announcement coming for EOS too. A few days later, he then took to Twitter to fire even more shots at Bitcoin.


EOS has been criticized for quite some time regarding the surrounding issues about circulation. The government structure is going to give some substantial power to the BPs who have the ability to freeze accounts and even reverse transactions. Larimer has of course, denied that the EOS structure is centralized and that it is far less transparent as well. In fact, he has claimed that he alone has the chance to take down two of the top cryptocurrencies around and he also believes that he can do this with a few resources. He has taken his claim to Twitter and he also went on to explain in a couple of tweets what he wanted to say.

He has stated that so many people would have to hold ransom in order to get Bitcoin or even ETH miners to reverse a transaction. He has also stated that miners and even pool operators would not be subjected to a class action if people died just because they chose to mine. The discussion then became much more heated, as he went on to say that you would need a lot of people to be held hostage in order to censor transactions in a decentralized chain. He believes that it would take a long time to recover, and that this is not good at all. One cryptocurrency analyst has stated that Larimer’s projects are nothing more than centralized scams. It’s important to know that Larimer has abandoned 3 projects and now he is only choosing to work on EOS. The person who called him out on Twitter has stated that you can hold 51% of the world hostage and if you did this, you would have a 0% chance of Bitcoin being reversed. This is because miners don’t care. By the end of the thread, it’s safe to say that Larimer did not provide any kind of evidence to prove that if he did launch an attack, it would not be feasible at all. He was challenged to put his money where his mouth is by another Twitter user. When this happened, he then backed down. He is known for continually trying to engage his followers and he is also trying to give more and more hints about his supposed upcoming EOS announcement. Unfortunately he is unable to do this without taking jibes at someone else. His rant did give some insight into what other plans they have, and he has also proclaimed that there is a transcript that has been saved by the people and this states that everyone knows about Block.one who needs to know. He has also stated that he wants DC to try and collaborate with those who work at EOS as well. He then went on to say that the person who called him out on Twitter needs to leave ETH and that he should help them with EOS. Trump has advised that even he knows about Block.One. Larimer has been both cocky and even outspoken as of late, but it’s safe to say that his announcement has really not been something that should be gloated about. That being said, we will have to wait and see.



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