In August 2017, it would appear that News.Bitcoin made the effort to cover a huge range of cryptocurrency programs. They were then offered to the students who are at the Wooranna primary school. Nearly 2 years on, the school’s new program is continuing to thrive, and it has even attracted visitors from North America, Asia and Europe too.


The programs that are being offered to the students have expanded ever since and this is even the case when you look at the bear trend. Of course, even though the school is situated in a very low socioeconomic area, Keiran Nolan who is a former engineer has stated that it is thriving. He runs the blockchain program for Wooranna and he has stated that the students there have already been given a huge range of opportunities. He has also stated that within the sector, a lot of progress has been made. Students were invited to try and help the narrative for the education edition. This is especially when you look at the top video game that has been released, named Crypto Crisis.  This has been developed by Armoured Beans and it gives people the chance to run their very own mining ring. They can learn a lot about heat movement and even energy as well. They can upgrade any hardware that they want in the process and this has now been made available on Steam. It has then been distributed to the Wooranna’s companion school.

The students have been trying endlessly to use their hardware wallets. Minecraft is just one of the many catalysts, in fact. Nolan has stated that the kids have been split into teams and that they are also spending some of their own dogecoin wallets too. In Minecraft, teams then have to try hard to hide the 24 phrase and both of them will then hack the other account. The dogecoin will then be added to their own wallets. Nolan has recounted, saying that some parents on the council did surprisingly well with their investments, and that all of this is because they have been exposed to even more technology. One of the kids has even learnt how to mine ETH and he now does it at home with his dad. They believe that this is a very positive movement, and that there is certainly more good things to come.

Nolan has presented at one of the biggest educational centers in the world and this has shared in the success that the program has to offer. It even tells the story of a family from Singapore, who relocated to Melbourne. They did all of this just so that their child could take part in the program. Nolan is working on something called Rocketshoes and this is a blockchain platform. This gives students the chance to keep track of their own learning materials and it even gives them the chance to work on assignments too. They can take notes and capitalize on their own digital assets. So think about it, do you think that programs that have covered Bitcoin and even the distribution ledger should be fully incorporated on the school’s own curriculum?




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