Roger Ver is among one of the most polarising characters around when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry. He is known for going against the grain, and this does earn him some level of notoriety. He has recently made a new case, defending some of the comments he has made about Coinbase. A lot of people are calling for others to delete the program, and that they should also avoid doing business with them at all costs. Not many people have done more for the currency when compared and this is especially the case when you look at the adoption of Bitcoin. His defence is that Coinbase should not be boycotted at all for this reason, and it is safe to say that it does carry its fair share of weight. He has been wrong in the past about such matters however, and his support of the exchange has cost a lot of investors very dearly. What’s to say that this isn’t another of his same mistakes?


In the past week, there has been a scandal at Coinbase because they have recently acquired Neutrino. This has resulted in a very angry mob-type situation all across the world. As part of the acquisition, Coinbase have absorbed employees from the company Neutrino and they have been tied to a very controversial software company. The company is known as Hacking Team, and they are the ones who are solely responsible for providing law enforcement agencies, government officials and even the police with vital information. They also help people to survey individuals as well, and this could bring about its fair share of problems as well.

The Hacking Team’s work really does go against a lot of the values that cryptocurrencies were once built on, and this includes privacy. Another huge benefit is that it also helps to remove the government’s control over individual people. This is the one thing that helps to keep things flowing nicely in the world of cryptocurrency and it also helps people to really invest in what they see as being a positive movement. Now however all of this can change, and Coinbase’s own integrity has been brought into question. The community experienced a high level of civil unrest, very quickly and this turned into them taking action. They launched a huge social media attack and this included use of the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase. Investors are now being actively encouraged to ditch the market in an attempt to defy the system.

Bitcoin CEO, Roger Ver has jumped to the defence of Coinbase. He has suggested that not many other companies have done as much for the currency as them and that they are one of the reasons why it has been accepted so widely over the years. Coinbase, at the end of the day, has done way more for this industry than anyone else, so he is actively urging people not to delete it. Ver is an investor and he has worked hard to make sure that people follow in his footsteps so that they can become as equally successful. This happened to earn him the name Bitcoin Jesus and this all came down to his evangelism regarding the space. His defence is going to hold a lot of weight, but Ver has been wrong about defending some exchanges in the past.  His defence in this instance does make sense, and he is quoted as saying that the Mt. Gox currency exchange is one of the first exchanges to help bring Bitcoin to the market. This was solvent, before it went on to collapse months after his comments were released. This is making a lot of people cautious, and quite rightly so, but that being said, only time will tell what happens next.

Mt. Gox lost over 850,000BTC and this was all owned by the customer. Ver then filmed himself defending the exchange, stating that they are great and that everything is going to work out. Mt. Gox then went bankrupt and they are still doing everything they can to try and restore any lost funds. Ver and his friend, known as Jesse Powell, who founded the Kraken exchange had gotten involved and he doesn’t believe that the Coinbase system is going to last.



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