Coinmine is a cryptocurrency device that gives you the chance to mine from home. It has unleashed a new feature which pays in Bitcoin. The device was able to mine ETH, Grin, ZCash and even Monero. These were all released at launch, and they now have a low enough threshold for even the average miner to see a return. When you look at the fact that Bitcoin has been added, you will soon see that there is even more incentive and that it is now easier than ever to do.


In order to make all of this happen, the team had to work hard to try and engineer MineOS so that it can mine automatically whenever crypto converts to Bitcoin at the highest possible rate. This was then exchanged so that you can put it in your wallet. This information comes directly from the founder, who is known as Farbood Nivi. He believes that this way, you are getting way more than you would if you just mined directly. This is innovative to say the least and it is interesting to see how far this could go. The Coinmine box will not however make you a millionaire overnight. In fact, Nivi is looking it as more of a testbed, or an environmental tool for those who want to try and experiment a little with the mining process. When you look at the resource requirements that come with high-stake mining, you will soon see that Coinmine is a much more energy efficient option and that it is also very easy to use.

When you look at the numbers, you will see that Coinmine has the ability to generate $20 of Bitcoin every single month. This number will change depending on the overall value of Bitcoin. If the value happens to appreciate then the value of what you have made will also increase. Nivi has also come out to say that the product is a way cheaper and even a faster way for you to take part in various networks, such as Lightning. The cost to build and even maintain a device that comes with a Bitcoin lightning node is around $400. If your time happens to be worth $20 an hour, then it would take you 20 hours to research and even build the hardware or software. The parts for a miner and even a lightning node could easily cost you $500. This makes the total $900 and even then you would still have to control the device that you have made yourself. This would be done via a command line and even a monitor keyboard. This could be done instead of an app. Coinmine is rolling out a new BTC update and this will give users the chance to mine and really put their crypto to work. Interestingly enough, they also have the plan to partner up with other services too. This includes Compound Finance.




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