Monday, May 20, 2019
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Goldman Sachs – Will follow the JPM path?

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) is a financial company founded in New York in 1869 and is a component of the Dow Jones 30. The...

Forex Guide Part II – Technical Analysis and Main Indicators Overview

Table Of Content Overlays & Definitions 1 What is Technical Analysis? 1.1 Types of Indicators & Oscillators 2 Lagging Indicators 2.1 Moving Averages 2.2 Bollinger Bands 3 Leading Indicators 3.1 Parabolic Stop & Reverse 3.2 Average True...

Aerospace & Defense Sector Overview

Aerospace and Defense (A&D) is a robust industrial sector. The main drivers that boosted this sector are commercial aircraft and defence. In one hand,...

GE – Preparing for a New Rally?

General Electric (GE)  lost its historic place in Dow Jones Industrial Average on June 19, 2018. After its departure, GE made a new lower...

Agro-commodities, Free Fall or Exhaustion?

This week the agro-commodities ETF DBA has dropped to 16.03, the lowest level since its creation in 2007. Is this bearish sequence a sign of...