Friday, August 23, 2019
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Trading Long Straddle Option Strategy – Advantages & Risks Involved

Long Straddles can be made by buying one at the money call and one at the money put. This position gives you the right...

Trading Iron Condor Option Strategy – Explained!

What is an Iron Condor? An iron condor option is a combination of two option strategies, namely the bull put spread and the bear call...

Everything You Should Know About The Bull Put Spread Options Strategy

Introduction The bull put spread is a complex bullish option strategy despite having just two transactions. It requires high options trading skill so this strategy...

Options Trading – All The Terminologies You Must Know!

A detailed introduction to options and its components are discussed in our previous article. If you haven't read that article, please consider reading it...

Fundamentals Of Options & Its Components That You Should Know

Introduction In spite of the awareness and popularity, there are many myths that exist with respect to options in the market. Options are created for...