Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Palladium, its Correlation with Gold, How to Profit From it

In this post, we'll show an application of the correlation between Palladium (PA) and Gold (GC). Using it and divergence to assess the next...

How to Trade Crude Oil Using Correlations

In previous articles, we have talked about correlations, and we saw the direct relationship between Crude Oil and Gasoline. In this post, we will...

A stock company can predict the next path of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, the most traded cryptocurrency and a stock company, what have in common? In this educational post, we'll apply two concepts, divergence and correlation,...

Goldman Sachs – Will follow the JPM path?

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) is a financial company founded in New York in 1869 and is a component of the Dow Jones 30. The...

Is the end of the bullish road approaching for DXY?

Since February 2018, and during this year Dollar Index (DXY) has been developing a rally. The upward cycle has advanced over 11%, from the...

Is Oil Group Losing Momentum? – Part 3

In our previous two posts, we've discussed Crude Oil and Brent Oil, two popular commodities for retail and professional traders alike. In this third...