Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Price action

Learn how to read a market’s directional bias and trade on recurring price action patterns and setups that reflect changes or continuations in market sentiment.

Why the MAE and MFE Concepts Matter

Maximum Adverse Excursion We are prepared to trade. We know our signals are profitable long term. The system delivers a long or short signal and...

These two Structures are the Basic Components of Markets

Impulses and Pullbacks Long-term Panoramic Classification The market is a constant movement that reflects the changes in the supply and demand for assets by millions of...

Trend Assessment Using Price Action, do you know how?

Recognising a Trend Probably you've heard the following phrases "Follow the trend", or "The trend is your friend." It may sound trivial, but the question...

Trading the Momentum

  In the broad class of trading strategies, it is possible to generate profits when the price gains "momentum". When we talk about momentum, we...

Revisiting Support, Resistance and Breakouts

Talking about Price Action, the first concept a trader should grasp when doing market analysis is the notion of Support and Resistance. In this...